Turner Engineering Disciplines – Plumbing-Fire Protection

Plumbing/Fire Protection

Turner provides a full suite of plumbing and fire protection engineering services.


Properly engineered plumbing systems are essential to public health and safety. Systems such as domestic hot and cold water, backflow prevention, sewers, and swimming pools require a solid knowledge of applicable codes and design practices.

You can rely on our engineers’ experience and expertise to design systems that ensure comfort and functionality, and adhere to all health codes and standards.

In addition to “traditional” plumbing systems, we also specialize in engineering and design of:

  • fuel storage
  • distribution and dispensing systems
  • specialty gas/fluid piping and distribution
  • booster pump systems (fire service, domestic water, etc.)

A compressed air system designed for the Bushnell’s Basin Fire Department

Health care facilities often require specialized plumbing systems, including medical gas (oxygen, air, nitrous oxide, etc.), medical vacuum, waste anesthesia gas disposal, and safety equipment (eyewashes, emergency showers, etc.).

Our engineers have experience with all health care applications, codes and standards. Read more about our experience in the health care market.

Fire Protection
Protection of life and property is a critical part of any construction project. Our engineers design sophisticated fire protection systems, including wet and dry sprinkler systems and chemical suppression systems for special hazard areas such as data centers, communications facilities, fueling facilities and explosive environments.


The proof is in the work

View some of our projects for a deeper understanding of our capabilities.