I-ENG-A of Rochester by Turner Forensics


I-ENG-A of Rochester by Turner Engineering (A Division of Turner Engineering, PC)

Investigative Engineers are specialized, practicing professionals who apply analytical skills to unravel the technical mysteries and mitigate the consequences of accidents and failures which give rise to insurance claims and sometimes legal action.

The role of the Investigative Engineer is steadily expanding, consistent with the quantum growth and complexity of insurance claims and litigations.  You may rely on Investigative Engineers to reconstruct the events that give rise to property, casualty and liability claims, to mitigate the cost of such claims and offer to effect rapid, cost-effective repairs. Services which are requested by clients of Investigative Engineers include:

  • Auto/Component Failure Analysis
  • Cause and Origin
  • Scope and Damages
  • Mitigation Measures
  • Subrogation Claims
  • Fire and Arson Investigation
  • Structural Analysis/Review
  • Traffic Accident Reconstruction
  • Slip and Fall Analysis
  • Product Failure Analysis
  • Microbial Investigation
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Water Damage

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