Case Study: Building Commissioning

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Commissioning Process Saves Owner $11,000 per Year

Turner Engineering led the Commissioning Process on the Finger Lakes Community College, Victor Campus, a 28,000 ft2 facility completed in 2009.

The punch list identified only minor loose ends: the work was done well and the major systems appeared to be operating properly. Functional testing performed under the Commissioning Process, on the other hand, highlighted several issues including:

  • Night setback not enabled/wired
  • Humidistat not installed
  • Energy wheel not operating
  • Boiler loop water temperature sensor in wrong location, resulting in low heat pump loop water temperature
  • Boiler locked out on low water cutoff
  • MAU leaving air discharge temp set at 120°F
  • Differential pressure sensor failed

These issues were identified before the turnover phase and corrected at minimal cost to the Owner.

These actions will save the Owner $11,000 per year in energy costs and prevent more than 45,000 lbs of CO2 production annually.

System optimization has also averted nagging systems problems and service calls going forward, and reduced the probability of premature equipment failure.

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