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We consider this to be our everyday engineering challenge: make our clients’ lives easier.

Turner Engineering brings buildings to life. We design the systems that make health care, commercial, educational, municipal, and mission-critical facilities efficient, comfortable, and safe.

We believe successful projects are built on a foundation of honesty and trust. Our mechanical and electrical engineers cultivate close partnerships with client teams, fostering a shared sense of ownership.

We strive to thoroughly understand every facet of a project’s requirements, and design innovative, cost-effective solutions aligned with the vision of architects and owners. Our rigorous attention to detail helps us anticipate and avoid construction problems and delays, keeping projects on track and on budget.

Through our affiliate, Turner Integrated Systems, LLC, we helpTIS LOGO
companies ramp up their functionality and productivity through custom-designed industrial controls.
Through our work, and our volunteer activities, we are committed to building great communities. We are based in East Rochester, NY. Our work is concentrated in the upstate New York region.

It’s all about relationships

“Turner’s approach is to provide leadership on every project. That translates into ‘thinking like an owner’ as we look at every aspect of the project,” says Dan Turner, principal of Turner Engineering. “Can we help the architect see a more detailed version of the big picture? Are we always holding the vision of the building owner in mind—his schedule, his budget? Are we aware of what we’re asking the contractor to do?”

The “ownership” focus has led Turner Engineering to make a point of hiring experienced engineers with a talent for big-picture thinking. They work closely on every project from start to finish.

“You will not find our engineers having to show up on the construction site every day to retrofit design to the issues on the ground,” says Turner. “Those issues were accounted for and solved in the design work.”

Our expertise. Read about our disciplines: HVAC, Plumbing/Fire Protection, and Electrical Engineering. Learn how we bring green to life through Sustainable Design. We also specialize in Mission Critical design and engineering for Health Care.

Leadership Team. We bring a wealth of experience to everything we do. Get to know our team.

Community Involvement. We’re proud to give back to the community. Learn about our participation with Habitat for Humanity and the contributions our employees make to charitable and community organizations.