Rochester General Hospital-Refeed Vault

Rochester General Hospital-Refeed Vault

Rochester, New York

Client: Rochester General Hospital

Design Challenges…Met

This electrical distribution vault serves a large portion of the patient care areas of the hospital. The combination of equipment age and inadequate equipment access lead to the design of a new location. Logistics and phasing were critical to a successful project.

The new vault design included a 11.5 kV double ended switchgear, two 1,000 kVA oil filled transformers connected in a spot network configuration, and a 2,000 kVA oil filled transformer with 480V distribution switchgear. The room temperature was controlled utilizing through-wall exhaust fans with motorized louvers and an electric unit heater for the winter months. The network protector alarms, along with room space temperature, were connected back to the Hospital building management system for monitoring. In addition, a short circuit, coordination and arc flash analysis was performed.