Greece, New York
Client: >MRA Architecture, Martin Rose

Design Challenges…Met

This project was HSBC Bank’s first LEED certified bank branch. This project was part of an overall sustainable design marketing campaign undertaken by HSBC.

On this project, we designed several energy saving and sustainable systems, including a geothermal heat pump, rain water catchment system, photovoltaics, and a daylight harvesting system integrated with a lighting control panel. The net result was an energy savings of approximately 66%.

On this project, we worked closely with the architect and the LEED consultant to integrate the design of the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems with the overall building design.

We designed a rain water catchment system that stored rain water, and utilized it for irrigation and gray water for the toilets. This system was designed from the ground up, as no packaged system exists.

Our designs resulted in saving more energy than originally anticipated, resulting in additional LEED points, and helping to achieve a Gold Rating.