Data Center Extreme Density HVAC Upgrades

Data Center Extreme Density HVAC Upgrades

Rochester, New York

Design Challenges…Met

This project retro-fitted two operational 4,000 square foot data centers with an extreme density HVAC system to accommodate the installation of blade servers. This was the first extreme density HVAC system installed in Rochester.

We were responsible for the design of the HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical systems for this project.

We collaborated with a general construction firm to determine the best materials and methods for the construction of an in ceiling pipe enclosure. This enclosure was used to contain the HVAC system refrigerant piping, while providing an air tight barrier for the FM-200 system and a finished look for the space.

The largest challenge for this project was the construction of an new HVAC system in an operating data center. We collaborated with the Owner and the construction team to implement methods of maintaining a clean work environment, controlling fumes from brazing, and minimizing the hazards to data processing equipment.

August 18, 2014