Central NY Manufacturer of HVACR Controls

Central NY Manufacturer of HVACR Controls

Cicero, New York

Design Challenges…Met

We designed a fully automated control system with minimal operator involvement. This system is closed loop designed to limit water consumption by treating the process waste water rather than discharging to public sanitary system.

Controls included a PLC based processor with the required analog and digital I/O for the system devices and storage tank levels. A color operator interface terminal with custom graphics was designed for control of the system. The terminal provides the operator monitoring of tank levels, pump control and alarm status. The PLC and Operator Interface terminal communicate via an Ethernet backbone which allows remote data acquisition and off-site system monitoring. Turner Integrated Systems provided all aspects of the automated control system for this project, including the PLC software design, operator terminal graphics, control panel assembly, CAD generated electrical documentation and system start-up support.

We worked closely with the owners representative to customize the system to their needs.