Bushnell’s Basin Fire Station

Bushnell’s Basin Fire Station

Pittsford, New York

Client: HBT Architects, Trevor Harrison

Design Challenges…Met

Design of a rooftop air conditioning system with VAV, a radiant heating system and in-slab snow melting system in the truck bays, electrical systems, including a sound system and an interface with the owner’s radio system, and plumbing and fire protection systems.

We worked closely with the fire station construction committee, which consisted of several people who worked in the construction trades, to design systems. The goal of the construction committee was to design systems that were energy efficient and easy to control and maintain.

This project included a complex radio system that was interfaced to several systems in the facility. Through the radio system, the operator could manually or automatically turn the outside lights on and off, release the door access system, open the garage doors, awaken sleeping fire-fighters, and announce public address pages.

The HVAC system we designed (gas-fired rooftops with VAV) had a longer life span, allowed for better zoning, and reduced maintenance costs compared to other systems suitable for a building of this size and complexity.

August 18, 2014