Sustainable Design

Building a greener, more efficient future

At Turner Engineering, we’re committed to sustainable green building design and the benefits that integrated design brings to our clients and our community.

Exceeding requirements

We design HVAC and lighting systems that substantially exceed the New York State Energy Code. We achieve this goal through:

  • high-efficiency systems
  • green plumbing design
  • geothermal HVAC systems
  • heat recovery systems
  • demand control ventilation
  • lighting control systems

We’ve also designed systems for daylight harvesting, automatic lighting control, and rainwater catchment to minimize potable water usage.

Integrated design

In practicing integrated design, our engineers take a big-picture view. We measure the impact of improving the performance of the building envelope and/or reducing lighting levels. We apply the energy “savings” realized to downsize the HVAC system, thereby lowering costs that can be applied to the envelope and lighting designs—greater insulation, lighting controls, daylight harvesting systems.

The efficiencies compound on each other, and result in lower energy and operational costs for the long term. It all adds up to sustainable building economic benefits.

Green banking captures “the gold”

Photovoltaics we designed for the “green” bank

This HSBC Bank branch in Greece, NY, designed by Turner Engineering, is completely carbon neutral, utilizing no fossil fuels. The project was awarded a LEED “Gold” rating. We designed daylight harvesting, automatic lighting controls, photovoltaics, a geothermal heat pump system, demand control ventilation, and rainwater catchment systems. Read more about the Green Bank project.

Read more about LEED™, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System, a third-party certification program and the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings.